3m innovation strategy case study

He thought if he could apply an adhesive dreamed up by colleague Spencer Silver several years earlier to the back of a piece of paper, he could create the perfect bookmark, one that kept place in his church hymnal. He called it the Post-It Note.

3m innovation strategy case study

At 3M, we are a collaborative, diverse group of people whose ideas transform the future. The way we look at it, a diverse, global workforce — people with different experience, ethnicity, age, gender, personalities, styles, and ways of thinking — is a competitive advantage that is key to innovation.

Over the years, we have successfully fostered a culture of inclusion for innovation and growth. At 3M Singapore, we believe that diversity spurs innovation and drives growth.

It brings different perspectives to the table, while helping us better serve our customers around the world. As we appoint our best women to top leadership positions, we are creating an even more diverse and inclusive culture where all our people can succeed.

For that reason, the development of both female and male leaders has always been a focus at the organisation. The tight labour market and relatively low unemployment rate in Singapore has led to a shortage for talent here. This makes talent development and retention even more crucial.

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A few of the specific elements of the campaign include: Formal leadership development programs like the 3M Leadership Way that emphasises continuous learning.

Encouraging everyone to have a formal development plan that includes stretch projects and opportunities to take on different roles, training, and coaching.

The initiative was communicated through a series of programs, townhall meetings and other communication channels to engage and encourage participation from the employees.

Through such collaborations, we effectively reach out to targeted communities to create an energised culture of leadership and empowerment.

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For example, in some Asian countries, diversity and inclusion is perceived as a Western concept, and women and men are not treated as equals. In such circumstances, it would take a longer time for such initiatives to permeate and become truly effective against those cultural norms and practices.

Apart from that, there is the concern that the existence of unconscious bias in the talent management process might go undetected. An area of focus for us in will be to increase the number of women in science, technology, engineering, and math STEM disciplines in the company where we will raise awareness and share success stories of women in these fields.

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It is important for companies intending to accelerate women leadership to incorporate a similar sense of purpose in the organisation culture and leadership team, which should translate to desirable behaviours. In 3M, inclusiveness has become an integral part of our Leadership Behaviours, which we expect all employees to demonstrate.

Setting clear goals and tracking progress is also important. Request your invite now!Jan 15,  · Boston Consulting Group's survey of the world's most innovative companies is standard fare - you see P&G there along with 3M (just back on the list), Ford, Amazon, BASF.

All well known brands with. 3M Optical Systems: Managing Corporate Entrepreneurship Case. Case Study: "3M Optical Systems: Managing Corporate Entrepreneurship" The 3M Corporation is known for placing a strong emphasis on innovation.

In 3M’s case they may be summarised as an effective company culture that nurtures innovation and a range of management techniques and strategies that together have delivered long-term success.

3m innovation strategy case study

Many companies pay lip service to the management principles and practice set out in this case study/5(6). 3M Health Information Systems (HIS) provisions compute resources in minutes instead of weeks, develops and deploys software in one week .

Creating Breakthroughs at 3M by Eric von Hippel, Stefan Thomke, and Mary Sonnack Reprint HBR CASE STUDy A Question of Character IDEAS AT WORK Creating Breakthroughs at 3M well as a new strategy that would take a revolutionary .

An experienced innovator & brand strategist, Tom leads insight and innovation consultancy Brand Genetics, having previously been Managing Director of Big Green Door and Director of Strategy & Research at 1HQ. Describes how 3M Corp. and leads learns a new and innovative method called Lead User research for future customers and the market to meet. A team of 3M Medical-Surgical Markets is the lead user method in the field of surgical infection control and discovers not only new product concepts, but also a very promising new business strategy. Tesla Motors: A case study in disruptive innovation. Tesla will need to create a marketing strategy that targets economy-car consumers, who are notably different than those who buy the $80, to $, Model S. That is not the case with the majority of comparably priced vehicles from other auto manufacturers. Indeed, many of the.

Cutting Costs and Carbon at 3M important element of 3M’s sustainability strategy—and it has helped the company eliminate physical servers, primarily single- and dual-core systems, in the last CaSe StUDy Intel® Xeon® processor series Enterprise Server Virtualization Energy: Efficiency, Environment, and Performance.

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