A biography of mao zedong a chinese communist leader

Growing up in rural Hunan, Mao described his father as a stern disciplinarian, who would beat him and his three siblings, the boys Zemin and Zetanas well as an adopted girl, Zejian. Learning the value systems of Confucianismhe later admitted that he didn't enjoy the classical Chinese texts preaching Confucian morals, instead favouring popular novels like Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin.

A biography of mao zedong a chinese communist leader

A biography of mao zedong a chinese communist leader

Mao Tse-tung was a Chinese communist, military commander, strategist, political philosopher and party leader. He became the most significant leader and figurehead of the Chinese Revolution.

Mao is perhaps best known as the architect of the Great Leap Forwardan ambitious but disastrous economic program that produced a widespread national famine in China, causing the deaths of an estimated 30 million people. Mao was also the figurehead of the Cultural Revolutiona disruptive and sometimes violent mass campaign driven by political radicals.

Mao Zedong was born in Hunan province, the son of an affluent peasant. In Mao became a founding member of the CCP, attending the first meeting of the party in Shanghai. For much of the s he worked as a party functionary in Shanghai and as a regional leader in his native Hunan.

In Mao led the Autumn Harvest Uprising, an unsuccessful rebellion against Nationalists and landlords in Hunan province. His ascendancy, however, was not bloodless or painless.

His agrarian reform program began with peasants seizing land from landlords, many of whom were punished for their exploitation of others.

In the mid s Mao implemented a Soviet style economic program, the First Five Year Plan, and set about collectivising peasant land into huge communes.

In the mid s Mao launched the Cultural Revolution, a movement to identify and cleanse anti-socialist ideas in academia, art and literature.

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The Cultural Revolution became a sweeping social and political movement, underpinned by one of the strongest personality cults in history.

It was driven by political radicals, most of them students, who were fanatically loyal to Mao, his ideas and his socialist vision. Content on this page may not be copied, republished or redistributed without the express permission of Alpha History.

For more information please refer to our Terms of Use. This website uses pinyin romanisations of Chinese words and names. Please refer to this page for more information.In the early s as China emerged from a half of a century of revolution and moved toward a place of economic development and social change, (Wade -- Giles: Mao Tse Tung) its principle revolutionary thinker and for many years its unchallenged leader, held a critical place in the History o.

Mao Zedong was born in Shaoshan, Hunan, China, on December 26, Mao had two younger brothers and one younger sister.

A biography of mao zedong a chinese communist leader

His father, Mao Jensheng, had started out as a poor peasant but eventually paid off his debts, became a landowner, and started a business trading rice. Turn down the pages of Chinese history and one name that draws enough eyeballs, both for reasons right and wrong is Mao Zedong.

Termed as the most controversial figure of China, Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist revolutionary, politician and socio-political initiativeblog.com Of Birth: Shaoshan. Watch video · Deng Xiaoping was a Chinese communist leader and the most powerful figure in the People's Republic of China from the late s until his death in (–) Biography.

Mao Zedong Biography ; Mao Zedong Biography. Born: December 26, Beijing, China Chinese statesman Mao Zedong was a Chinese statesman whose status as a revolutionary in world history is probably next only to that of Vladimir Lenin (–). This new situation called for the emergence of a Communist leader who could rival Died: Sep 09, Aug 18,  · Deng Xiaoping: Deng Xiaoping, Chinese communist leader who was the most powerful figure in China from the late s until his death in Mao Zedong, reformers led by Biography of Deng Xiaoping;. Watch video · Mao Tse-tung was the principal Chinese Marxist theorist, soldier and statesman who led his nation's Cultural Revolution. Mao Tse-tung Biography. Deng Xiaoping was a Chinese communist.

Deng Xiaoping was a Chinese communist leader and the most powerful figure in the People's Republic of China from the late s until his death in Deng Xiaoping was born on August 22, Born: Aug 22, Mao Zedong Biography. Political Leader. Mao Zedong (also Mao Tse-Tung) was the world’s most prominent Chinese communist during the 20th century.

Mao’s Red Army overthrew Chiang Kai-Shek in , and the communists seized power of mainland China. Ruthless and ambitious, Mao turned China into a world military power and .

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