A psychopath in prison essay

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A psychopath in prison essay

By Mark Dombeck, Ph. Dombeck received his Ph. Psychopaths tend to be numerous in prison situations and some might say, in positions of authority as they have little regard for law and order. What matters to these folks is their satisfaction of their various appetites. The people around a psychopath are more or less seen by that psychopath as tools or objects that either help them satisfy their appetites, or get in their way.

Psychologists have for a long time debated how exactly psychopaths occur. Are they born that way or are they in some ways created? The debate goes back to the old enlightenment philosophical debate between which is more important — nature or nurture.

The answer to this seemingly vexing question is almost always the same — both nature and nurture make important contributions. The available data regarding the causes of psychopathic personality suggests that both nature and nurture are at work there as well. A recently published paper in the Journal of Abnormal PsychologyVol.

These researchers went into prisons and interviewed numerous inmates, asking them to complete multiple psychological assessments, among them the Psychopathy Checklist — Revised the standard modern questionnaire measuring psychopathya historical retrospective history of their abuse experience, and a few other questionnaires including the Dissociative Experiences Scale.

A psychopath in prison essay

First, such people tend to show a related cluster of what are termed affective emotional and interpersonal symptoms: They lack empathy, guilt remorse and other feelings that suggest they connect with other people emotionally.

Second, they tend to be impulsive, to show poor self-control and to demonstrate a profound lack of judgment. Scores and data from these assessments were then analyzed using a popular technique known as structural equation modeling SEM. The SEM technique involves computation of the mathematical relationships between various scores and comparison of these observed relationships against various hypothetical possible relationship models suggesting how those scores might fit together if different assumptions were true.

Psychopaths, Power and Politics

For instance, if abuse causes dissociation, then the model might look a certain way. However, if dissociation occurs independently of abuse, the model would be expected to look a different way. Some models end up fitting the observed data better than others, and are retained, while the more ill-fitting models are discarded.

Analysis of all this data suggested that one tested model fit better than the others. Abuse was not found to predict psychopathy as a whole, but an abuse history did predict a certain feature of psychopathy; namely the tendency to be impulsive and to show poor judgment.

As the authors themselves conclude: Abuse is unrelated to the core affective and interpersonal traits of psychopathy but relates preferentially and moderately to the impulsive and irresponsible lifestyle or externalizing features of psychopathy. Dissociative experiences do not significantly mediate this relationship.

Our findings call into question etiological models positing that early abuse and neglect shut off affective responding, thereby resulting in individuals who possess the cold and callous features of primary psychopathy.

To the extent that genetic factors are at work then even if the problem of violent abuse is solved in some unlikely future utopia, there will still be mechanisms at work creating psychopaths among us. Not really an uplifting thought.(Results Page 3) View and download antisocial personality disorder essays examples.

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your antisocial personality disorder essay. Sociopath or Psychopath Psychology - Disorders Dahmer adapted well to life in prison, although he had at first been separated from.

It’s a rare person who goes out of their way to spend time with psychopaths, and a rarer one still who repeatedly calls a prison to do so. But after more than a year of meetings and negotiation. In the Mind of Psychopaths Essay. To clarify how rare a subgroup psychopaths are consider that 75% of prison inmates meet the criteria for A.P.D.

but only 3% of that 75% meet the criteria to be called a psychopath (Weber, Habel, Amunts, & Schneider, ).The full clinical manifestation of what is called a psychopath, sometimes referred to.

Even more so when psychological assessment is applied. Biased interpretations should be considered before drawing conclusions or causality. The research is done on inmates.

The estimated prevalence of psychopaths in prison is 1% of the estimated prevalence of psychopaths, which is .

All psychopaths are criminals if you look for them only behind bars

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