Amusement park industry essay

An amusement park is more elaborate than a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions meant to cater specifically to certain age groups, as well as some that are aimed towards all ages. The oldest amusement park in the world opened is Bakken, at Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Most amusement parks have a fixed location, as compared to traveling funfairs and carnivals. These temporary types of amusement parks are usually present for a few days or weeks per year, such as funfairs in the United Kingdom, and carnivals temporarily set up in a vacant lot or parking lots and fairs temporarily operated in a fair ground in the United States.

Amusement park industry essay

It attracted approximately 27 million visitors in Universal Studios Japan is the second-highest visited park complex in Japan. The park has been constructed along the lines of Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

It is owned by The Oriental Land Company. The theme has been licensed by The Walt Disney Company, which earns royalties on the revenues generated by the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

Accommodation and other Source: The park is similar to the Universal Orlando Resort, with many similar rides, and had a footfall of about 8 million in However, a few years after it opened, the park faced financial problems due to its high debt levels. It also faced increasing regulatory screening due to the sale of expired products and the use of more fireworks than permitted in its attractions.

Amusement park industry essay

The park has been implementing strategic measures, including bringing down its annual investment in equipment to USD30 million in from USD75 million in It is approximately 24 hectare in size of which the park zone of Yokohama City is Apart from rides and attractions, the park also has specialty shops, restaurants, a marina and a hotel.

Nagashima Spa Land has some well-known roller coasters such as Steel Dragon one of the longest and tallest roller coasters in the world and White Cyclone one of the tallest and longest wooden roller coasters in Asia.

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The park includes a water park as well, which is recognized for its better space management with most of its slides accommodated within a limited space.

The JIS requires park operators to conduct one or more safety checks every year to detect any cracks or other defects inside the parts used in their facilities.

External safety checks and inspections are also carried out by inspectors under the Japanese Building Standards Law regulations. German amusement and theme park market Evolution15 The evolution of the German amusement and theme park industry can be traced back to the growth and development of pleasure parks in Europe.

The Tripdrill amusement park near Heilbronn, founded inis one of the oldest operating parks in Germany.

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Construction of modern theme parks began in Europe during the s and s, driven primarily by increasing car ownership as well as growing disposable incomes and leisure time.

Since there are scarcely any travel restrictions in Europe, amusement and theme parks throughout the European Union are generally in competition with each other. The early s and s saw the growth of the ancillary services market in the region as players tried to diversify their revenue streams.

Several global amusement park equipment manufacturers, including Zierer and Mack rides, are based in Germany. The park is located in Rust and is spread over an area of 70, square meters.

It was opened in by the Mack family to act as a showcase for their different models of circus wagons and roller coasters. The family has been making circus wagons since and started manufacturing roller coasters in The park is split into 14 different areas, mostly named after European countries and regions.

It has nine roller coasters and has recently launched a new family coaster called Pegasus. Europa Park is also a major resort with four hotels, the largest of them being Colosseo, a recreation of the Roman Colosseum.

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It also plans to add a fifth hotel and a water park by — The park was opened in by Gottlieb Loffelhardt and Richard Schmidt. It started as a family park, but has recently added thrill rides. The park has two hotels — Hotel Ling Bao, a four star hotel which was opened in and has restaurants, a bar, a pool, a sauna and a spa.

The second hotel, Matamba was opened in August It opened in and is owned by the Merlin Entertainment Group, which is the biggest operator of parks in Europe and the second-largest worldwide after Disney. The private equity company, the Blackstone Group, has a majority stake in Merlin.

The park has over 50 rides including roller coasters, water rides and child rides. Directives for the operation and use of amusement rides, first issued inregulate the construction, operation, use and maintenance of temporary structures and amusement rides in parks. TUV, a German technical inspection agency, is one of the leading bodies, which certifies equipment used in amusement parks.

This certification is accepted by other European Union member states.

Amusement park industry essay

Verband Deutscher Freizeitparks und Freizeitunternehmen E. At the European Union level, there is no legislation governing either the safety of amusement rides or to ensure the safe provision of service to consumers.

The standard specifies basic requirements that are important for the safe design, manufacture, installation and operation of rides. Everland, the largest theme park in South Korea, generated the 10th-highest footfall in the world in Caribbean Bay, a part of the Everland Resort complex, is ranked the third-largest water park in the world.

Deoksan Spa Castle is among the first spa-themed resorts in South Korea and offers facilities such as a healing therapy center and other water- based attractions.An amusement park is a park that features various attractions, such as rides and games, as well as other events for entertainment purposes.

A theme park is a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS OF AMUSEMENT PARKS HAN CHOE BRIAN CHEN MARCY LEON RUBEN BUGARIN J.D.

PERALTA INTRODUCTION The history of theme parks stems from European pleasure gardens in the 16th century. • The amusement industry in India is at a growing stage currently with more and more developments happening in this industry all across the country.

• The size of the Indian Amusement Park business is estimated to be around Rs crores and is estimated to grow by 10% per cent per annum till The external environment of the theme park industry on the Gold Coast plays a significant role in determining if the industry is profitable.

According to Hubbard, Rice and Beamish (), the external environment is the factors outside the organisation that influence strategy and is made up of two. Amusement Park Essay  Amusement parks In the United States, world's fairs and expositions were another influence on development of the amusement park industry.

Most amusement parks have a fixed location, as compared to traveling funfairs and carnivals. Essay on Amusement Park In the United States, world's fairs and expositions were another influence on development of the amusement park industry.

Most amusement parks have a fixed location, as compared to traveling funfairs and carnivals.

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