An overview of the social justice group dawn a feminist organization

A creative think tank for African American and African diasporic poetry and poetics, CAAPP brings together a diversity of poets, writers, scholars, artists, and community members who are thinking through black poetics as a field that investigates the contemporary moment as it is impacted by historical artistic and social repressions and their respondent social justice movements. Martin continues her work in collaboration with foundations and activist organizations to research and strategize about protecting the lives and freedoms of women and girls.

An overview of the social justice group dawn a feminist organization

Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance Archives, ca.

An overview of the social justice group dawn a feminist organization

ALFA initially worked to fill a social void for and to offer a political voice to Atlanta lesbians, publicizing its efforts through a self-produced monthly newsletter, the Atalanta.

Over the years, as the political and cultural climate changed and lesbians created new avenues through which to pursue their interests, ALFA struggled to find a clear and unique sense of purpose; this historically telling struggle is well-documented by ALFA itself, in minutes and mailings to its membership.

The library and archives, which provided a material link between ALFA and other progressive movements and organizations throughout the world, included the archival records of ALFA and several other southern feminist groups; a massive collection of feminist, lesbian, and activist periodicals; and a circulating library of feminist and gay and lesbian books.

ALFA disbanded in after over 20 years of Southern feminist activism. The book collection and the remaining periodicals stayed in Atlanta, with books relating to feminist theory going to Emory University and the rest to a community library.

The ALFA Archives and Periodicals Collections that were transferred to Duke are an incredibly rich source of information about feminist and lesbian activism and communities, especially in the Southeast, from the early s to the mid s. The ALFA Periodicals collection contains literally hundreds of grassroots newsletters and journals, many of which are now ephemeral and not in any library.

This extensive library of feminist, lesbian and gay, and activist periodicals is more fully described in the Introduction to the Periodicals Collection below. Minor rearrangement and consolidation of some of the ALFA records and subject files helped to reduce confusion and highlight areas of strength.

First performance of Red Dyke Theatre Jan. Dykes Together, a lesbian AA group, forms Oct.

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Lesbian Family Support Group forms April Ramp built - ALFA is wheelchair accessible!! ALFA t-shirts printed Aug.

Rita Mae Brown book signing at Charis June Jewish Lesbian Support Group forms Aug. Take Back The Night march Oct. Fat Dykes organization meeting Feb. Jewish Lesbian Writers Group forms May Sonia Johnson speaks at Gay Pride rally July ALFA representatives and other Atlanta lesbian and gay activists meet with Atlanta police commissioner and chief to discuss community-police relations Summer Alix Dobkin performs in Atlanta Apr.

Atlanta African American women make presentation at U. Audre Lorde reads at Seven Stages June Supreme Court votes to uphold Georgia sodomy law in Bowers v. ALFA members take part in subsequent discussions and protests Oct. Fat Dykes erotica show and tell April Supreme Court against Bowers v. In March, Atlanta outbids five other cities to win the right to host the conference.

Georgia Abortion Rights Action League leads march and rally at state capitol in defense of reproductive rights Nov. Some gay men object to joining the abortion rights coalition, prompting protest from feminist members both women and men of MACGLO.

In response to decreasing participation in the organization, ALFA hosts community potluck dinner to discuss whether to keep the group active June To revitalize lesbian-feminist community interest in ALFA, Feminist Exchange committee forms and initiates Second Saturday Series on topics such as butch-femme politics, alternative health, and breast cancer Oct.

To address limited increase in participation since June community meeting, 12 members attend ALFA general membership to vote upon whether or not ALFA should shut its doors. ALFA takes part in pro-choice rally to mark 20th anniversary of Roe v.DisAbled Women's Network Ontario (DAWN) is a progressive, volunteer-driven, feminist organization promoting social justice, human rights and the advancement of equality rights through education, research, advocacy, coalition-building, resource development, and information technology.

SOCIAL ISSUE REPORT SUMMARY In the s and s, second wave feminism and the Battered Women’s Movement brought domestic violence into the public sphere. Activists in the movement advocated for greater public Violence Against Women within the U.S.

Department of Justice. Feminist groups are engaged in information exchange, mutual support and a combination of lobbying, advocacy and direct action towards the realization of their goals of equality and empowerment for women and social justice and societal democratization.

Economic, Social and Cultural rights (ESCRs) Environment and ICT. Freedom of association. Freedom of expression. Information and democracy. Information and livelihoods. Infrastructure.

Intellectual property rights. Internet and corruption.

An overview of the social justice group dawn a feminist organization

Internet governance. Internet rights. Knowledge rights. Open culture. Open standards. of contradictory social positioning (for an individual, a group or a society), and that it is important to consider concurrently both the disadvantages (subordination) and advantages (privilege) of .

DAWN’s objectives for the institutes are to share the experiences of the organization with the next generation of young activists and to contribute towards building a sustainable movement who sees the world from a feminist perspective.

Introduction: Gay Rights Movement: Series 6: Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance