Antony s strength s and weaknesses

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Antony s strength s and weaknesses

I have been doing Crossfit for 4 months now and I have had my fair share of niggles since commencing training.

Antony s strength s and weaknesses

I have thought about the different reasons as to why I am sore or getting injured. Also, "out there", there is a perception that Crossfit leads to a high rate of injuries - so I thought about these too!

I have been talking about Crossfit to my patients, friends and family for about 4 months now. And to a certain extent, I am going to cautiously agree.

Antony s strength s and weaknesses

However, just because there seems to be an increased risk of injury doesn't mean that Crossfit is dangerous or bad for you. Like all things, risks need to be managed.

For example, walking on an athletics track will decrease your risk of dying from being hit by a car if you compare it to walking on the road So why does Crossfit seem to increase your risk of injury?

Simply put, I think it is pure volume - the amount of work, the amount of repetitions, the amount of range your body moves through, etc. What Crossfit actually does is point out where all the asymmetries, tight spots, loose spots, weak spots, uncoordinated spots and fitness deficits are.

I have been trying to manage it properly but during the open, I went for it - probably unwisely I struggled under fatigue and load and twisted to the left. At the time, I knew I probably strained something but it didn't hurt straightaway and I finished the WOD workout of the day without any more technique errors.

However, the strain was there. Now, it is hard to diagnose your own problems and my staff and I are quite busy so it has been hard to find time to get it properly looked at.

However, the thing that I have noticed has been that my left hip has tightness, only a fraction more that my right hip. On a full squat though, I can feel the torsion and control it. Add load and fatigue and I probably twist too much. In fact, I know I do. Each time I flare my injury up has been during anything with a "squat" involved - Deadlifts, Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Wallball Shots, and all of the squats Air, front, back, overhead.

Releasing and stretching the hip has been the best for the problem - it decreases the pain and improves my mobility. This will ultimately lead to a more symmetrical hip range compared to the right side and careful training will result in improved strength on both hips as well.

I am also continuing to strengthen my back and abdominals through the WODs - I haven't added to my training load yet but I am ready to if I need to So how do you prevent injuries in Crossfit? If you let a bad habit creep in, it begins to affect other areas and suddenly you have a shoulder that you can't use properly a very common injury it seems!Bivonas Law is a boutique City of London based law firm which specialises in high value and complex disputes.

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