Application of logarithms in real life

Functions of this sort are very different from polynomial functions, even though exponents appear in both types. In particular, note the exponential function has a horizontal asymptote.

Application of logarithms in real life

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My name is Jane Ann Musgrove and I am a teacher of secondary mathematics. As a teacher of mathematics, I am always asked "Where will we use this in the real world? Can you help me? To be more specific, right now I am interested in finding careers where the employees would use the concepts of "Radicals", "Matrices", and "Logarithms".

This information will be used by students to make presentations to the class on their findings from internet searches. Thank you for your help. I can give you a few ideas but I would be very interested in others that you or anyone else has. I would like to invite anyone reading this note who can add to the examples below to let me know by sending an email to TheCentralizer MathCentral.

It is hard to imagine a "real-world" application of mathematics that doesn't involve some use of radicals. The distance between two points in two or three dimesnions involves a radical. It is an application of the theorem of Pythagoras. Solving an equation usually involves radicals.

We show student quadratics that factor so that the roots are integers or rationals but this almost never happens in practice. Compound interest calculations often involve radicals.

Logarithms are used in measuring many physical quantities. The scale that is used to measure earthquakes, the Richter Scale, involves a logarithm.

Trigonometric Identities Note that this result is in agreement with the plot in Figure 3.

Likewise the scale that is used to measure the loudness of sound in decibles involves a logarithm. They are often used in studying population growth and radioactive decay. Logarithms also arise in some financial calculations, for example those involving interest rates.

Just last week I learned from a graduate student in geography that she was using logarithms to study the rate of melting of glaciers. Graphics are often placed on your computer screen using vectors and then moved translated or rotated using matrices.

Matrices are used in the compression of electronic information, for example in the storage of fingerprint data.

Definitions: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Matrices are used in modelling population growth. Another interesting application of matrices is in error correcting codes, that is identifying and correcting errors in electronic transmissions.

In economics and operations research matrices are used optimization problems, for example in making the best use of resources, whether lobour or capital, in the manufacturing of a product.your answer how this can be used in a real-life application.

Radicals and Rational Exponents and Applications of Logarithms I need to find at least two real - life examples of a sequences or series. Application 0 Real life scenario of logarithms is on of the most crucial concept in our life.

Thu, 18 Oct GMT Real Life Scenario of Logarithm Logarithms in Real Life Applications by Joey Uy on Prezi - In Machine Learning, in a variety of situations one can see that the objective if to maximise. What are some real life application of exponents and logarithms?

Logarithms are used in the royal navy in sonars They are but it's far wider than that. The application you mean is the "decibel", the 10X or 20X logarithm of the ratio of two signal intensities or powers - not just in military and commercial sonar, but in acoustics generally. Section Properties of Logarithms Change of Base Most calculators have only two types of log keys, one for common logarithms used to model and solve real-life instance,in Exercises 81–83 on page ,a Application One method of determining how the - and -values for a set of nonlinear data are.

Application of logarithms in real life

Logarithms In Real Life 13/08/ Latest Announcement, Real Life Application 0 Real life scenario of logarithms is on of the most crucial concept in our life. Real Life Scenario of Logarithm - AMANS MATHS BLOGS - LOGARITHM IN REAL LIFE DOWNLOAD logarithm in real life situationin real life.

N o real thought. All you do is realize When dealing with logarithms there are eight (8) special rules (or properties) a known decay rate (also known as a half-life).

Transcript of Logarithms in Real Life Applications. EARTHQUAKES Magnitude of an earthquake is logarithmic Used for predicting coming earthquakes Richter Scale: base logarithmic scale CHEMISTRY Solution's pH defined by t= hydronium ion concentration in mol/liter. Use logarithms to solve various equations. Then analyze both logarithmic and exponential functions and their graphs. Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. Using logarithms to solve real world problems Take logarithm base 10 from both sides. You get an equation. Apply the Power Rule to the logarithm. You get an equation. Therefore, (approximately 12 years). Polonium Po has a half-life of days. 1) Write the decay function for the amount of Polonium Po that remains in a sample.

Thanks to experimentation, scientists have determined that, with a known quantity of carbon, in about 5, years half of.

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