Bend it like beckham character essay

She is passionate about soccer, but her immigrant parents who follow the Sikh religion and culture, ban her from playing it. The major theme that will be discussed in my essay are the issues of gender.

Bend it like beckham character essay

Bibliography Click here for a series of discussion questions exploring the ethics of children deceiving their parents. Jesminder and Pinky, her sister, lie to their parents: Jess to play football and Pinky to make love with her fiance.

The viewer will want to root for Jess because, until the end of the film, Jess' parents won't let her play football, and playing football is Jess' dream.

Pinky's lie is not a major issue in the film and is neither endorsed nor criticized. The best way to deal with this issue is probably to ignore it. Jess is uncomfortable with the lie and it doesn't work. Eventually, she and her parents come to an understanding. In a good natured way, the movie points out some of the foibles of the Sikh community in Britain.

There is also a good amount of profanity and sexually related dialog, much of it in British slang. There is at least one obscene gesture. The car in which Pinky and her boyfriend are making love is briefly shown rocking back and forth.

Bend it like beckham character essay

Before the movie, tell your child that the name of the film refers to the fact that early in his career, soccer superstar David Beckham appeared to be able to kick the ball so that it swerved in the air and out of the reach of defending goal keepers. Go over some of the British slang used in the movie.

After watching the film, tell your child that if you ever act like Jess' parents or Julie's mother, that he or she needs to tell you and the family will sit down and talk about it. No promises, but you'll talk. What your child should not do is lie to you.

If your child's attention span will permit, go through the exercise set out for a class in The Ethics of Jess' Lie to Her Parents. In addition, an interesting comparison can be made with Jess' lies and the lies told by Casey in Ice Princess.

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Give us your feedback! Was the Guide helpful? If so, which sections were most helpful? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Selected Awards, Cast and Director: Bhamra; and Ameet Chana as Tony. The scar shown on the leg of Parminder Nagra is very real. Like the character in the movie, she was injured in a spill of hot cooking oil.

Originally, the scar was not in the script and the director, Gurinder Chada, didn't know that Ms. Nagra had the scar.

The day after Ms. Nagra was selected for the role, the director got a call from the actress' agent who said, "Uhh, I think there's something you should know.

She's got a bit of a scar, and it's gonna be visible. Chada saw the scar that it couldn't be covered by make-up.Discuss this with detailed reference to Bend it like Beckham. A comedy about bending the rules to reach your goal, "Bend It like Beckham" explores the world of women's football, from kick-abouts in the park to free kicks in the Final.

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Bend it like Beckham Essay This essay is about the film ‘Bend it Like Beckham.’ The film is about a teenage girl of Indian decent, living in modern-day London.

Bend it like beckham character essay

She is passionate about soccer, but her immigrant parents who follow the Sikh religion and culture, ban her from playing it. "Bend It Like Beckham" is an interesting portrayal of families adapting to the unexpected paths their children take and of an Indian family assimilating to life in Britain.

A core message is that "in the modern world children have to be allowed to forge their own futures. At the beginning of the movie, Jess is dreaming about "bending it like Beckham." The Sikh religion is the 9th largest religion in the world, with 29 million adherents.

It is concentrated in the Indian province of Punjab, but adherents live all over the world.

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