Best books about writing creative nonfiction

But there is another way to introduce our children to the universe of facts, a technique called narrative nonfiction. Authors of narrative nonfiction will typically introduce an actual person perhaps an inventor or a zoologist and narrate some sort of journey that the person has taken, all the while teaching kids a thing or two about history or science along the way. When they use a narrative structure first this happened, then that, and that, and thatwriters can bring nonfiction material to life using many of the techniques of the storyteller: Narrative nonfiction provides kids with information in a format that is familiar and interesting to them.

Best books about writing creative nonfiction

How to Survive a Plague: How to Survive a Plague by David France.

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This was a remarkable book—quite a chunky one, with a hell of a story to tell. David France was a gay man living in New York in the early s, a young man and therefore sexually active.

It charts how a society, confronted by this medical emergency, had to confront its own prejudices. There was massive prejudice against homosexuals.

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And it charts the enlightenment—if I can use that word—that happened as a result. Big Pharma had to come up with, if not a cure, at least a palliative, which we now have. People with AIDS have a good prognosis with a combination of antiretroviral drugs. They were also campaigning the government and the drug companies to get on with it and not make too many profits—all the arguments we had about antiretroviral drugs in South Africa, which has a terrible AIDS problem.

But this is earlier, in the 80s. There were campaigns, there was misunderstanding, there was bad behaviour on both sides.

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Now it turns out that the book was partly culled from the documentary he made of the same name, which he did first.

A lot of the verbatim quotes in the book are from interviews he did for his documentary. It also absolutely qualifies as an important book, which is one of the reasons it won. It tells a very important story. Yes, also because worldwide AIDS is still a huge problem. His view is that all these battles were fought in the 80s, but there is also a big battle that needs to be fought now.

There are religions and countries that still condemn homosexuality and imprison people for it. I published a book this year called The Empathy Instinct in which I quote that, since the revolution in4, homosexuals have been put to death in Iran.

That tells you how important How to Survive a Plague is.MFA in Nonfiction.

Best books about writing creative nonfiction

Goucher's MFA in Nonfiction program is ideally suited to a writer's development, providing you with the one-on-one supervision of a faculty mentor, while allowing you the freedom and solitude to develop the skills and discipline you need to succeed. Open to a wide creative of fiction from mainstream to avant-garde, Crazyhorse puts no limitations writing style or form.

Crazyhorse also accepts nonfiction of any sort, including memoirs, journal entries, obituaries, etc. Keep your word count between 2, and 8, words.

Creative nonfiction merges the boundaries between literary art (fiction, poetry) and research nonfiction (statistical, fact-filled, run of the mill journalism).

It is writing composed of the real, or of facts, that employs the same literary devices as fiction such as setting, voice/tone, character development, etc. He’s called the “father of creative nonfiction,” especially gifted in teaching the form.

Being old, Amazon or a Half Price store is your best bet to find it. Writing implements—pen/pencil and . The public library had everything from books on creative writing, to nonfiction writing, to teaching writing, to writers' self-help.

After sifting through them, I chose some exercises and techniques I wanted to try with the eighth-graders. The world of nonfiction is as vast as it is varied. Combining hard-hitting journalism with pioneering works of academia, while also leaving room for deeply personal memoirs and rich histories, this list is great for those seeking a new books to read for the upcoming spring and summer.

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