Biomedical science dissertations

The pinnacle of this degree course is its research in which the student is able to test his or her own understanding of science by applying the already existing knowledge to elucidate problems by going into the very basics of it.

Biomedical science dissertations

Inherited mutations in, or pharmacological blockade of, hERG channels deplete the cardiac repolarization reserve, increasing the risk of life-threatening arrhythmias.

The molecular bases of hERG gating events and drug binding are poorly understood. They activate and deactivate slowly, yet inactivate and recover from inactivation rapidly.

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In addition, the promiscuous nature of drug interactions with hERG channels presents a therapeutic challenge for drug design and development. My thesis provides novel mechanistic and structural characterization of the unusual activation and deactivation gating processes of hERG.

In my first study, I used a proline scan approach to define the activation gate region in hERG channels. Proximal substitutions IP-QP impeded gate closure, trapping channels in the open state, while distal substitutions RP-YP preserved normal gating, suggesting that Q marks the position of the activation gate in hERG.

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This is more than one helical turn lower than in related channels, which may allow for drug docking. Using two different approaches to measure voltage sensor gating in trapped open channels, I then demonstrated that slow activation is an intrinsic property of the voltage-sensing unit of hERG.

In my second study, I showed that voltage-sensor stabilization slows hERG channel deactivation gating.

I characterized the temporal sequence of events leading to voltage-sensor stabilization upon membrane depolarization. I showed that this occurs via two separable mechanisms, one derived from pore-gate-opening and the other from the voltage-sensing unit itself.

In addition, I show that voltage sensor return in hERG channels is less energetically favourable than pore closure during repolarization and thus is what limits deactivation.

Biomedical science dissertations

Finally, I characterize the use of voltage clamp fluorimetry as a technique to track conformational rearrangements of the hERG voltage sensor associated with gating. These findings provide novel and in depth understanding regarding how hERG channels function and foundational knowledge relevant to finding targets for the treatment and management of cardiac arrhythmias.Because the degree brings together biomedical engineering with biotechnology, it is designed equally for students with life sciences or engineering and physical science backgrounds.

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MS degree: Students may elect to take the MS degree in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology at the end of two years. Major Information: The Department of Electrical Engineering offers both doctoral and masters level major areas of research and instruction in the Department are: semiconductor materials, microelectronic manufacturing, MEMS, nanotechnology, VLSI design, digital signal processing, communication theory, wireless communications, microwave engineering, power systems and .

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Dutch research school for Information and Knowledge Systems. Dissertation Research During PhD in Biomedical Science Programs The goal of doctoral research is to contribute new and original findings to the field. PhD candidates should expect continuous feedback from your peers, mentor, and advisors throughout their dissertation research. The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio helps students succeed in evolving biomedical studies.

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Biomedical science dissertations

Psychology Department Theses and Dissertations. Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. Enjoy writing your science thesis or dissertation!: a step by step guide to planning and writing dissertations and theses for undergraduate and graduate science students by .

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Editing & Writing Services | Dissertations | Manuscripts | Grants It allowed scientists to break the Abbe diffraction limit for fluorescence microscopy and got it closer to the electron microscopy resolution but still it faced some serious challenges. Two of the most important of these are the sample drift and the measurement noise problems that result in lower resolution images.

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