Jntuk 2 1 and 2 2 mech syllabus

The students who completed 2nd-year 1st semester for all courses like B. Generally, all students often get confused with wrong links to check their results in the search engine. So, candidates can easily check their 2nd-year 1st-semester Results for all courses.

Jntuk 2 1 and 2 2 mech syllabus

Lamis Theorm, Graphical method for the equilibrium of coplanar forces, Converse of the law of Triangle of forces, converse of the law of polygon of forces condition of equilibrium.

Centre of gravity of simple body from basis principlescentre of gravity of composite bodies, pappus theorem. Mass Moment of Inertia: UNIT V Analysis of perfect frames Analytical Method Types of Frames Assumptions for forces in members of a perfect frame, Method of joints, Method of sections, Force table, Cantilever Trusses, Structures with one end hinged and the other freely supported on rollers carrying horizontal or inclined loads.

Introductionlimiting friction and impending motion, coulombs laws of dry frictioncoefficient of friction, cone of friction. Applications of friction- impending motion of connected bodiesrelative motion, ladder friction, wedges, screw friction.

Engineering MechanicsFedinand. SingerHarper Collins. Mechanics Umesh Regl, Tayal. And Molecular Internal Energy, Enthalpy, sp. Meaning- Demand distinctions- Demand determinants- Law of Demand and its exceptions.

Definition -Types of Elasticity of demand - Measurement of price elasticity of demand: Meaning - Factors governing demand forecasting - Methods of demand forecasting survey of buyers Intentions, Delphi method, Collective opinion, Analysis of Time series and Trend projections, Economic Indicators, Controlled experiments and Judgmental approach - Forecasting demand for new products- Criteria of a good forecasting method.

JNTUK initiativeblog.com Syllabus books For R16 Regulation CSE, EEE, ECE, MECH, CIVIL, EIE.

Implicit costs, Out of pocket costs vs. Flat rate pricing, Usage sensitive pricing, Transaction based pricing, Priority pricing, charging on the basis of social cost, Precedence model, Smart market mechanism model.

Jntuk 2 1 and 2 2 mech syllabus

Introduction to business cycles: Meaning-Phases of business cycles- Features of business cycles. Ratio Analysis Liquidity ratios, Profitability ratios and solvency ratios Preparation of changes in working capital statement and fund flow statement.

Meaning of capital budgeting, Need for capital budgeting Capital budgeting decisions Examples of capital budgeting - Methods of Capital Budgeting: Basic definitions, Types of elements, Ohms Law, Resistive networks, Kirchhoffs Laws, Inductive networks, capacitive networks, Series, Parallel circuits and Star-delta and delta-star transformations.

Principle of operation of DC Generator emf equation - types DC motor types torque equation applications three point starter. Principle of operation of alternators regulation by synchronous impedance method Principle of operation of induction motor slip torque characteristics applications.

Basic Principle of indicating instruments permanent magnet moving coil and moving iron instruments. Principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by V. Introduction to Electrical Engineering M. S Naidu and S.

Projections of Regular Solids inclined to both planes Auxiliary Views. Isometric Projection of Spherical Parts.JNTUK initiativeblog.com Results are released by initiativeblog.com conducted the initiativeblog.com exams in the month of April Candidates who appeared for the exam are waiting for the results of JNTUK initiativeblog.com initiativeblog.com we provide you the direct of the JNTUK initiativeblog.com Results All students are advised to get the JNTUK initiativeblog.com Results from the official website.

Essay 4DEP 1 2.

JNTUK B.Tech (R16) 1-2 2nd Mid Online Bits April 2018

4DEP Activity 1 & 2 Allys Parsons – 12th May The CIPD Profession Map - Core Functions The CIPD Profession Map is provided to give a distinct overview of the specific areas of business that HR personnel are concerned with.

JNTUK initiativeblog.com SEM (R16) Online Bits for 2nd Mid Exams, April JNTU FAST UPDATES @ The complete post is about the SEM 2nd Mid examinations Online bits for all branches.

As a part of Semester Examinations, JNTU Kakinada is taken care of the Mid Examinations. As a part of the Semester Examinations, Internal marks are given equal importance and added to the final score. JNTUK R16 Regulation Syllabus: Here below on this we are going to provide the JNTUK R16 Syllabus Books for ,,,,,,, Semesters.

The students who are studying the JNTU Kakinada affiliated Engineering collages can download their JNTUK R16 Regulation Syllabus right on this page. JNTUK initiativeblog.com Course Structure. Here we provided the jntuk R16 syllabus books for Semester for all the streams like CSE, ECE, EEE, MECH, CIVIL, IT more.

Jntuk initiativeblog.com Online bits Mid-2 CSE,ECE, JNTUK R13 2nd Mid Online Bits Mid Original Online Bits for CSE, MECH, ECE Jntu Kakinada initiativeblog.com JNTUK: initiativeblog.com R13 lab manuals for CIVIL, EEE, JNTUK R10 1st Mid.