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Oxford business reports

Situated in the retail hub of northeast Alabama, the Oxford School System has mirrored the growth of its founding city and has expanded from three schools serving 2, students in to six schools serving 4, students today.

Even with its tremendous growth, Oxford City Schools has stayed true to its original roots as a small town school district that is the focal point of the communities it serves.

It ranks as the 19th largest out of 69 city school districts in the State of Alabama. Coldwater Elementary grades K-4 serving the western portion of the district; DeArmanville Elementary grades K-4 serving the eastern portion of the district; Oxford Elementary grades Pre K-4 serving the central portion of the district; C.

At approximately students, Oxford Oxford business reports School is the 48th largest high school in the State of Alabama. The district employs faculty and staff members of which are certified teachers.

For fiscal year the system is operating under a 46 million dollar budget that includes local revenue from both a one-cent city-wide sales tax earmarked for education valued at approximately 5.

From these local tax dollars Oxford provides services to students beyond state funded programs, including 37 local teaching units distributed throughout oxford business reports six schools. These revenues also fund one of the largest 1: For the past three fiscal years the system has seen a steady decline in state funds and a steady increase in local funding.

This increase in local funds has allowed the Oxford School District to weather difficult economic times that have affected federal and state fund sources.

Geographically situated between Atlanta and Birmingham and traversedby several major highways including Interstate 20, the Oxford City School System is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse school district in its immediate geographic region.

Twelve languages are spoken within the classrooms of the district with of our students identified as English Language Learners. By far the largest represented language spoken in the district other than English is Spanish.

Demographically Oxford reflects the growing diversity of our nation, state and local communities: The district has also experienced a steady growth in the number of children who qualify for free and reduced lunches over the last decade. Sixty-four percentof students attending Oxford schools qualified for free and reduced lunch in compared to when the free and reduced lunch numbers were at thirty-seven percent.

The Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama PARCAa non-profit non-partisan organization that analyzes all types of data in the state including educational trends, reports comparing achievement scores in all Alabama public schools in grades 3β€”8 have shown Oxford consistently among the top schools in the state over the past nine years in terms of achievement levels.

This commitment to provide all students a quality education has paid dividends in the middle and high school grades as four 7th graders at Oxford Middle School have been recognized by Duke University for high achievement in the past three years and a record of high school students passed an Advanced Placement exam with a qualifying score in This success can be traced to a committed focus onclassroom instruction, teacher development, and support from all levels of leadership.

As part of this focus on classroom instruction, Oxford assembles a Curriculum Cabinet comprised of teachers from across the district representing multiple disciplines and grades.

This Cabinet meets periodically throughout the school year to discuss and make recommendations regarding curricular and instructional practices.

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The district also allocates two days of in-service training for whole school vertical alignment training that brings teachers from all schools together to discuss curricular and instructional practices and the progression of learning expectations from Pre K through the senior high level.

This collaboration has been a benefit to both cross curricular and vertical grade level planning. All of these efforts are an integral part of the dynamic learning system that exists in the school district and contribute to the successful learning environment at each school.

It encompasses system-wide, school-wide, and classroom based components that involve community members, staff, and high school students in setting goals for our schools and school system. Recently, Oxford was recognized by the State Superintendent of Education regarding Credit Advancement at the secondary level and for pioneering a school calendar that includes flexible professional development time for teachers.

This modified calendar was developed by teacher representatives from each school and has been positively received by our community at-large and presented as an exemplary practice for professional development at the School Superintendents of Alabama annual fall conference in Oxford is atypical among city districts in Alabama in that it serves as the home district for students residing in another incorporated city.

In addition to students living within the city limits of Oxford population 21,students living in Hobson City populationwhich is the third oldest African American city in the United States, attend Oxford schools.

Oxford operates one school, C.

Reporting the area since late 19

Hanna Elementary, within the incorporated limits of Hobson City. Members are appointed by the City Council of Oxford and serve staggered five-year terms. Board members by law are required to attend mandated ethics training and to log six hours of State approved training including roles and responsibilities, finance and legal matters.

Additionally, Board members participate in planning sessions, District Continuous Improvement Planning meetings with teachers and staff, and are invited periodically to participate in school based instructional rounds.

Three members of the Governing Board have been recognized as All-State School Board Members for their service to children in the last eight years.

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The school district is further enhanced by the Oxford City Schools Education Foundation, a non-profit foundation serving the teachers and children in the Oxford district.

These funds have purchased technology, classroom supplies and educational opportunities for students of all ages. During the past three years the Oxford City School District has made a tremendous financial and instructional investment in digital technologies for instructional use.

The district manages the largest 1: Over 2, students in grades 7β€”12 have a system issued device to facilitate learning regardless of time or place.

oxford business reports

Hanna Elementary also utilize a 1: Fourth graders in all three K-4 schools will have a 1:A number of studies have been completed that look into the success / failure rates of projects. These studies indicate that serious problems exist across a broad cross-section of industries.

Below is a summary of some recent reports. β€œThe Family Resource Center is a non-profit social service agency that serves low-income individuals and families in the Oxford/Talawanda School District community.”. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the principal historical dictionary of the English language, published by Oxford University initiativeblog.com traces the historical development of the English language, providing a comprehensive resource to scholars and academic researchers, as well as describing usage in its many variations throughout the world.

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oxford business reports
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