Research papers on cybercrime

Criminal Justice Response to Cybercrime I.

Research papers on cybercrime

Cyber crime can involve botnets, computer viruses, cyber bullying, cyberstalking, cyberterrorism, cyberpornography, Denial of Service attacks, hacktivism, identity theft, malware, and spam. Law enforcement officials have struggled to keep pace with cyber criminals, who cost the global economy billions annually.

Police are attempting to use the same tools cyber criminals use to perpetrate crimes in an effort to prevent those crimes and bring the guilty parties to justice. This essay begins by defining cyber crime and then moves to a discussion of its economic and social impacts.

It continues with detailed excursions into cyberbullying and cyberpornography, two especially representative examples of cyber crime, and concludes with a discussion of ways to curtail the spread of cyber crime.

Keywords Botnet; Computer Virus; Cyber Crime; Cyberbullying; Cyberstalking; Cyberterrorism; Cyberpornography; Denial of Service Attack; Hacktivism; Identity Theft; Information Society; Internet; Malware; Spam Social Impacts of Cyber Crime Overview Computer-related Research papers on cybercrime dates to the origins of computing, though the greater connectivity between computers through the Internet has brought the concept of cyber crime into the public consciousness of our information society.

Research papers on cybercrime

Inwhen the World Wide Web was in its early stages of development, futurist Dr. Gene Stephens wrote about the present and future reality of cyber crime and made several predictions: Billions more have gone undetected. Trillions will be stolen, most without detection, by the emerging master criminal of the twenty-first century—the cyberspace offender" Stephens,p.

Reflecting on his predictions in a article, Stephens noted that he and others foresaw much of the cyber crime to come: Defining Cyber Crime Cyber crime, as distinguished from computer crime, is an umbrella term for the various crimes committed using the World Wide Web, such as: Cyber crime can be divided into four sub-categories: Several of these activities have a long history that predates the Internet, and they also have technological antecedents.

Media reports since the s have documented the many methods by which criminals have used the Internet to commit crimes. Cyberthieves have become skilled at using the anonymity and secrecy of the Internet to defraud their victims of their money, their peace of mind, and indeed even their lives.

When victims let their guard down by muting a healthy skepticism and caution, cyber crime takes place. The Scope of Cyber Crime Law enforcement officials have struggled to identify, arrest, and prosecute these tech-savvy offenders, even as sociologists have sought to get to the root of cyber crime.

The field of cyber crime has spawned the field of cyber criminology, defined as "the study of causation of crimes that occur in the cyberspace and its impact in the physical space" Jaishankar,p.

The scope of cyber crime remains staggering, and it continues to grow. As more and more people have used the Internet to do their shopping, communicating, banking, and bill paying, they have become targets for cyber criminals.

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Some varieties of cyber crime, such as hacktivism, are ostensibly motivated by noble intentions, such as protest against perceived abuses by governments and corporations. Often these attacks involve posting comments on official government websites and are not motivated by a desire for monetary gain.

However, other forms of cyber crime have a much more violent intent. These include cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and cyberterrorism. Cyber Crime While the economic impact of cyber crime is beyond dispute, rather less attention has been given to the social implications of cyber crime.

Psychologists and psychiatrists can help victims cope with the fallout from identity theft, sexual abuse, or financial ruin, whereas sociologists are well-positioned to look at the broader social impacts and explanations of cyber crime.

Cyber crime attacks the very foundations of modern, technological societies, bound up as they are with the rapid flow of computer data facilitated by the Internet.

At the most basic level, cyber criminals often take advantage of technologically unsophisticated individuals who nonetheless find themselves in a world where the Internet plays an increasingly central role in both community and private life.Mar 08,  · What are some research topics in cyber security?

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Update Cancel. A number of graduate-level research papers have been written on cyber sercurity in the context of corporate organizations. Among research topics in cyber security one should highlight next. Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview The Eternal Effects of Cyber Bullying - Once upon a time the age of innocence in the adolescent years was filled with long walks by the pond, playing stickball, dress up, tea parties, rough housing with friends and the love of a favorite doll.

Research Paper On Cyber Crime This sample research paper on Cybercrime features: + words. Cybercrime Research and Planning YBERWHAT IS CYBER CRIME?

Criminal activity in the cyberspace environment, commonly called “cybercrime” (also called computer criminal activity), is any illegal behavior directed through digital functions that overcomes the protection of personal computers (PCs) and everything associated with it.

This sample Cybercrime Research Paper features: + words (16 pages), an outline, APA format in-text citations, and a bibliography with 22 sources. Free cyber crime papers, essays, and research papers.

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