Single frauen aus minden

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Single frauen aus minden

Aug 17, Mellie Antoinete rated it really liked it That was quick and an excellent audio performance by Gemma Dawson! So, I give you my 3 favorite impressions of this book 1 in the Whiskey Business Mysteries: I triple heart loved the concise no That was quick and an excellent audio performance by Gemma Dawson!

Single frauen aus minden

I triple heart loved the concise notes on the distilling of a single malt whiskey. Never ever will I ever again buy a single malt where the barley was dried over a peat moss fire.

I love the competitiveness of the whiskey business underscoring the mysterious deaths. I never really thought about it, but handcrafted single malts are the result of small batch distilling that leads to competitive pressure for every glass to taste of something special.

I love that the romance was not the main point of the story and played out like the slow burn of a vintage 25yr aged Glennfidditch. I'm speaking of the book, not the booze.

Bilder von Frauen aus Minden von lisa bis magdalena

I enjoyed every word of this one from beginning to end. And speaking of words, I must point out that you'll find no "e" in whisky here; the Scots, I've learned, spell it "whisky" while the Irish - and as far as I can tell, we Americans - prefer "whiskey.

He shared a number of varieties with my husband and I, although to be hone Absolutely delicious! He shared a number of varieties with my husband and I, although to be honest, those more strongly permeated with peat - one of the distinguishing characteristics - to me tasted rather like drinking a pile of watered-down dirt.

Still, because of his enthusiasm, the topic was intriguing, and now I'm delighted to say the book tasted far better than that earthy Scotch. The story moves along quickly and interestingly, and now that I've finished, I'm looking forward to the next in the series which I believe is Death Distilled, set for publication on Sept.

This story begins when award-winning photojournalist Abigail Logan inherits Abbey Glen, a distillery in the Scottish Highlands, from her late Uncle Ben. It's largely operated by head distiller Grant yes, he's a single, hunky Scotsman and she's also unattached. When she takes a couple of weeks off from her job to check things out - accompanied by her Wheaten Terrier Liam and good friend Patrick a whiskey lover if ever there was oneshe isn't exactly welcomed with open arms.

The locals, it seems, share a fervent belief that a woman has no place in a distillery. Even Grant, close friends with her uncle, seems to resent her presence; just about the only people who are happy to see her are trying to curry favor so she'll sell the distillery - which she has zero knowledge of how to run - to them.

But there's much more to the disdain than that; in short order, she gets anonymous threats - not the least of which is a still-dripping blood dead duck - and then a young male employee turns up quite dead in a large vat of whiskey.

The suspect list is long - and, at least for a time, includes Abi herself.

Single frauen aus minden

Not knowing who to trust, she puts her investigative journalism skills to work to try to identify the killer, all the while trying to decide what to do with the property and the rest of her life. It's a wonderful adventureand short enough that it easily can be finished in a day or two.

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