Skeleton hiccups writing activity for 5th

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Skeleton hiccups writing activity for 5th

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It is a perfect unit study for Fall. With its main character being a poor skeleton who is plagued with a case of the hiccups, he tries everything to get rid of them until he comes upon the perfect cure. Though it is a lighthearted book, it opens up a lot of opportunity for Science study- be it learning about bones or delving deeper into what causes hiccups and what cures them.

A trip to Dollar tree for a few basics can really make this unit exciting. Separate q tips into pairs or sets of five and use them to teach skip counting.

Use them to point out even or odd numbers on a homemade number line. Using concrete objects in a fun theme helps your child to enjoy while learning, therefore retain it better.

Using a printout or model of a skeleton larger libraries often have them available for loan have your child count the bones in the hand, foot, leg, etc. Pick up some skeleton candy like this Bone Candy to have your child graph by colors, and bone type. Language Arts All literacy skills begin with reading to your child.

Read the book, several times, if your child can read let them read it to you. Have your child mark each one off as they find them in the book. For older children provided them with a prompt such as; The silly skeleton, The time I ran into a skeleton, My bones can… Sensory Activities A fun base for a skeleton sensory bin is black beans to mimic a spooky night sky or even the background of an xray.

Include rubber skeletons or bones from Dollar Tree in your bin. Q tips also can be used here to represent bones. Include clear Christmas lights under the beans to add another dimension of fun.

Include a small container and spoon for scooping, pouring, dumping, and measuring- great activities for building fine motor skills. Include wind up teeth if you can find some.

Paint bones on your child up and down their arms and legs with glow in the dark paint, go into a dark room for the full affect.

skeleton hiccups writing activity for 5th

This awesome mold is a ice cube mold found at Dollar Tree, we used ours to play with play dough. Pinching, rolling, and molding play dough is also a great fine motor skill.

Explain to your child that bones give our bodies shape, and protect organs. Print out a simple skeleton outline and have your child label basic parts, skull, arms, ribs, legs.

For older children here is a fun game where they can label or assemble a skeleton online. Skeleton themed snack idea: Melt white chocolate chips, dip thin pretzel sticks in completely, lay on waxed paper to dry. Give your child white chocolate covered pretzels, and small and medium marshmallows- Demonstrate how to connect them together to create skeleton shapes.

Use a large marshmallow for skull and smaller marshmallows to connect joints. Here is a great youtube video that you can play, dance with your child to the song, have them point to the various body parts and do the motions that are sung out. Skeleton dance— We found this great skeleton that is about 3 feet tall at DollarTree.

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Skeleton Hiccups Paperback Skeletons are a little less scary when they have the hiccups. Ghost, instead of Boo-ing! When he finally does Boo!

The hiccups jump away, hic, hic, hic. Ages 4 to 8 Construct a realistic-looking human skeleton from head to toe, exploring how the bones support the body, relate to the circulatory system and protect organ systems.


There are over bones living and growing inside you that make up your skeleton. There are also ligaments and joints that hold your bones together, and cartilage in your bendable parts like your ears and your nose.

Mold contains 6 designs, 20 cavities.Funding for the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) has ended. Learn more about the status of the site. This The 5 W's Lesson Plan is suitable for 2nd - 3rd Grade.

Examine how to answer who, what, when, where, and why when reading text. Young writers listen to the story Skeleton Hiccups, and as a class answer and discuss the five W's.

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I use the book Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler in language arts/writing to talk about beginning, middle, end of stories. Then we make this cute skeleton using Q-tips, skull, and speech bubble that says Hiccup!

We use the graphic organizer to draw a picture and write about the beginning, middle and end of the story.4/5(11). Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. is a nationally known author, speaker and licensed has appeared on many national talk shows including Oprah, Dr.

Creative and Curious Kids!: Skeleton Hiccups!

Phil, Good Morning America and 20/ Dr. Weiss travels the country training professionals in the treatment of marriage, sexual addiction, and . Oct 08,  · I wanted to do a fun writing activity that would be quick and easy and contain a craft for Halloween.

I found this story and basic idea over at the First Grade parade.I decided I was going to make my kids write a story about how to cure skeleton hiccups, instead of just writing one sentence.

Skeleton Hiccups - The First Grade Parade