Survey questionnaires

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Survey questionnaires

Copies of the questionnaire in English are available below. To gain access to the scoring and interpretation materials, please register.

Survey questionnaires

Translations are not available on the website and may require a fee depending on the details of your study. Please register, indicating the country and language you'd like, and we will contact you either with the questionnaire or to request further information.

Make sure you enter your email address properly so that we're able to get in touch with you and make sure that you're able to receive emails from facit.


If you do not hear from anyone within 5 days, send a message to information facit. Please confirm the translation of the questionnaire you'd like to use exists before registering. For a current list of language availability for each questionnaire, place your cursor over "Language Availability" and a list will appear.

If you register for questionnaire that is not available, we will not respond to your registration. Note that the FACIT questionnaires undergo a rigorous translation and linguistic validation methodology, including cognitive debriefing with patients, and that unauthorized translations of our scales will not be recognized as official versions.

To request translations of our questionnaires not currently available, visit the FACITtrans portion of this website.

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The English versions of our questionnaires are free for anyone to use. You must register your study on our website using the registration form.

Survey questionnaires

You may not change the wording or phrasing of any FACIT document without previous permission from us. Any analyses or publications of unauthorized changes or translated versions may not use the FACIT name.

Any unauthorized translation will be considered a violation of copyright protection. In all publications and on every page of the FACIT used in data collection, the copyright information be listed precisely as it is listed on the questionnaire itself.

If you previously registered and obtained a username and password prior to November ofplease re-register to obtain a new username and password.Moved Permanently. nginx. On the publication of her 10th cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, the Barefoot Contessa hostess discusses the book’s namesake (her husband) and her absolute disdain for cilantro.

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