The danger of high school wrestling

Next Thirty to 40 million children and teens participate in organized sports annually, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports. Of those, millions are injured each year — though overall injury rates have declined over the past 40 years.

The danger of high school wrestling

History[ edit ] In scholastic wrestling, great emphasis is placed on one wrestler's control of the opponent on the mat, usually by controlling the opponent's legs or torso.

The danger of high school wrestling

When a wrestler maintains restraining power over an opponent, as seen here, he is said to be in the position of advantage. The history of scholastic wrestling in the United States is closely tied to the development of its college counterpart. The Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association held its first tournament inwhich soon sparked many more wrestling tournaments for both college and university students and high school students.

More colleges, universities, and junior colleges began offering dual meets and tournaments, including championships and having organized wrestling seasons. There were breaks in wrestling seasons because of World War I and World War IIbut in the high schools especially, state association wrestling championships sprung up in different regions throughout the s and s.

As amateur wrestling grew after World War II, various collegiate athletic conferences also increased the number and quality of their wrestling competition, with more wrestlers making the progression of wrestling in high school, being recruited, and entering collegiate competition.

Girls' scholastic wrestling has somewhat fuzzy roots, as girls from time to time would join boys' teams as early as the s, and there have been established various private girls wrestling clubs throughout the U. However, the first official, public-school all-girls wrestling team was formed in Brookline High School in Brookline Massachusetts by coach Dustin Carter; the team of 15 girls was formed in and became an official public high school team three years later.

The first official U. Girls Wrestling Nationals was held Today, the various state high school associations continue to also host annual wrestling championships for individuals and for teams. At one time there could be no middle school wrestlers wrestling at the high school level, but today, middle school wrestlers can do this according to procedures set out by their state association.

In the past they could have had their wrestling eligibility taken away or other punishment. Each state high school association has adopted its wrestling rules, with each making some modifications.


Every high school is expected to practice wrestling at two levels: The NFHS generally sets the standard for weight classes for high school-level dual meets, multiple duals, and tournaments. Each state high school association that sanctions wrestling also has a defined weight-control plan that prohibits excessive weight loss and dehydration during the season.

The danger of high school wrestling

The plan would include at least a minimum 7 percent body fat for males and 12 percent body fat for females. After the date of certification, a growth allowance of two pounds in each weight class may be allowed in some states.

Many tournaments offer an allowance of one or two pounds, allowing wrestlers to compete in a certain class if they are within the allowance of making the weight limit for that class. All of this is done in order to protect the wrestler's health.

Season structure[ edit ] The high school wrestling season customarily runs from October or November to March.Much of the discussion of cutting weight in wrestling -- on both the pro and con sides -- focuses on the short-term effects of the practice.

However, research into eating habits and disorders indicates that cutting weight may have effects that last long after the end of your last competitive initiativeblog.comd: Jun 17, Jan 10,  · High school wrestling has banned some dangerous holds, and in , the National Federation of State High School Associations, which sets the rules for the sport, emphasized that wrestlers showing.

Any sport in and of itself is dangerous, but wrestling is definitely pretty dangerous. You can break and have bones broken which is the most obvious.

But you can . Cheerleading is the most dangerous high school sport: One out of every , high school cheerleaders will experience a catastrophic injury, Mueller's data shows.

Scholastic wrestling, sometimes known in the United States as folkstyle wrestling, is a style of amateur wrestling practiced at the high school and middle school levels in the United States. This wrestling style is essentially collegiate wrestling with some slight modifications.

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Wrestling is the only sport played in high school, were you go into a match focused on hurting another individual. With no pads, and only a mat to lessen the shock. Ask any soccer player if they want to come and get slammed by a varsity wrestler.

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