The quest to dethrone the king of trombone

Google accounts for about 90 percent of all Internet searches; by any honest assessment, it holds a monopoly at the very gateway to information in the modern world. Along with Facebook, Google owns sites and services that, by some estimates, influence 70 percent of all Internet traffic. Not coincidentally, the two companies also form a duopoly that gets 73 percent of all digital advertising in the United States, and virtually all the growth in ad spending, on the Internet.

The quest to dethrone the king of trombone

This became possible with the arrival of the Wormhole protocol, which might challenge the ERC reign in the world of crypto tokens.

What are tokens and how are they issued? The cryptocurrency market can be split into two parts: Tokens, in turn, are based on pre-existing blockchains to represent a particular asset or utility.

Normally, a startup publishes a white paper for its decentralized app DAppholds fundraising rounds, collects investments in cryptocurrencies and then distributes its own tokens so that investors get their share based on their input.

The overwhelming majority of those tokens are built on the Ethereum network — they constitute nearly 83 percent of the whole token market, according to data obtained from ICOWatchList. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments, and the number is the one that was assigned to this request.

Basically, ERC outlines a common list of rules that an ETH token has to follow, giving developers the ability to program how new tokens will function within the Ethereum ecosystem — for instance, to determine the total amount of issued tokens.

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Basically, you just have to copy-paste a template from GitHub, choose a total amount of tokens, their name and symbol, pump some gas and ETH in and a new token is born. Currently, there are more thanof these, as per Etherscan database. Although most ERC tokens have not been applied for direct use, some of them, like Basic Attention BAT and 0x ZRX tokens, are still being reviewed to be listed by major, law-compliant exchanges like Coinbasedespite their unclear regulatory status.

Soon after the protocol was widely introduced, the number of ICO startups in the cryptocurrency market increased substantially. Prior to that, the industry had no unified programming standards: Coins were unique and, hence, interaction with exchanges, wallets and other applications was significantly hindered.

The most notable one is the batchOverflow bug.

The quest to dethrone the king of trombone

Basically, when users accidentally send ERC tokens instead of ETH to the address of a smart contract, the funds remain trapped inside that contract. That issue has led to other serious consequences for ERC tokens. Nevertheless, a number of other ERC protocols are lining up to dethrone the ERC by attempting to cover its flaws or offer new features.

However, now an ERC competitor arrived from a completely different blockchain. Another prominent BCH believer, Dr. Its white paper — available only in Chinese, at the moment — was presented in July. Those tokens are the fuel for smart contracts on the BCH blockchain and are hence required for actions like creating new tokens or listing an ICO.

There, it explains how people can utilize Bitcoin. For Bitmain, in turn, fortifying he BCH ecosystem appears to be a more constrained decision. Prior to holding its IPO, the mining behemoth reportedly converted most of its savings from BTC to BCH, while the coin has been having an overall unfortunate year in terms of its market value.

While WCH might not feature obvious bugs like the batchOverflow one, some shortcomings might be revealed over time. While both are yet to receive massive backing from software and hardware wallets, Wormhole has now received a convenient interface platform, making it easier to experiment with new, BCH-based tokens.Insert sad trombone sound here.

That's got to hurt for the developers, especially considering how long the development process dragged on and how much fan money they took. The game started with a goal of $,00 and made a whopping $3,, from Kickstarter, with over $4 million actually raised including PayPal donations.

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