Wescott case study

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Wescott case study

Your Brain on Politics: Can neuroscience provide evidence for a liberal and conservative thinking style? It may seem like a stretch to say that one could Wescott case study whether you lean left or right by looking at a brain scan—no questions asked, no opinions voiced—purely based on your neuroanatomy.

However, this might not be too far from reality—at least insofar as predicting thinking style, which has been shown to be somewhat distinct based on party association. Does brain structure determine your beliefs, or do your beliefs change your brain structure?

What about those who switch parties at some point?

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How do they fit in to this model? Please keep in mind from the beginning that this is not an endorsement of any one political party.

More than one study has shown these same results, which is why I felt it was worth investigating. A few questions to keep in mind: If these differences do legitimately exist, how can—or better yet—how should we use this knowledge?

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How can insight gained from research of this kind prove helpful in the quest for more effective communication across party lines? Can empathy and understanding of personality differences, without judgments or stereotyping, aid in the productivity of political debates around topics such as climate change or evolution?

A few clarifications The idea of a genetic or a neurological difference between liberals and conservatives is a hot topic of debate. In fact, Chris has covered quite a bit of it on this blog. Consequently, there has been a lot of thorough criticism of these converging studies—the methods, types of subjects, error bars, the flaws in design, sample size, etc, etc, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

Wescott case study

But more research keeps cropping up that shows this same trend, so I feel at this point we should be thinking a little more about what this all means in the big picture. Maybe each study has some flaws—I can probably find a few things in every study that could be improved upon. I also know the danger of over-applying and over-generalization of results like these to an entire population, or assuming that a group tendency necessarily applies to every single person in that group.

Correlations are also not the same as causation.

Wescott case study

So I get it. That tells me something. In cases like these I tend to look more at the data and pay less attention to the analyses, drawing my own conclusions from the data across all the studies.CHAPTER I THE POISONED NEEDLE "Truth wears no mask, seeks neither place nor applause, bows to no human shrine; she only asks a hearing." The increasing flood of evidence against vaccination and the growing for the un-suppressed facts about this "touchy" subject have literally forced this book into being.

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